• reduce calorie intake by 250-500 per day by substituting most high calorie foods for low fat varieties
  • keep this reduction going for at least one week or until you reach a weight loss plateau that lasts more than 4 days, then reduce calories by a further 200 per day
  • provide a little high quality protein with most meals or preferably combine low fat plant foods together at each meal.
  • start an approved weight training program to maintain muscle and increase metabolism
  • gently raise the intensity level of the weights program forcing the body to hold onto muscle as calorie intake is lowered gradually over time
  • perform aerobic activities on the days in-between the weights sessions to help burn fat directly
  • drink plenty of water all day to maintain energy levels
  • reduce sodium intake by preparing meals using fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients
  • never go below 1500 calories per day, simply exercise more often when if this target is reached