The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Program

12 week program

  1. Initial Asessment
    • Testing
    • Bioimpedence Analysis, Height, Weight, Waist Circumference, hip-to-waist ratio etc
  2. Consultation
    • Review test results
    • Establish program goals
    • Individualize programādiet, nutritional supplements, exercise etc
    • Patient meets with doctor and personal trainer
  3. Begin program
    • Patient begins diet, nutrition and exercise protocol as outlined by doctor and personal trainer
  4. Follow-up visit(s)
    • As needed to monitor progress, answering questions and ensure overall success
    • Can be scheduled with either doctor and trainer
    • Can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  5. Retest at 6 and 12 weeks
    • When program goals reachedāMaintenance consultation and re-evaluation in 6mos
    • If program goals not achievedāReturn to step2