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Patient's Testimonials

Brenden Morrison Vancouver Cannucks
"I consulted with Dr. Badesha this past summer with regards to vitamin supplements. He was extremely knowledgable and helpful with starting me on a program that showed immediate results. I would encourage anyone looking for a health or athletic advantage to consult with Dr. Badesha."

Brenden MorrisonVancouver Canucks NHL player Pain Injuries Vancouver Canucks

S Khan
"I came in to see Dr. Navi about 4 months ago. I told him that I needed more energy, strength and to loose some fat. With a few treatment my energy level was more than double. I feel my strength so much improved. I am continuing to loose my fat around my stomach and waist using mesotherapy. Thank you Dr. Navi, I FEEL GREAT!!!"

S. Khan Low Energy

Sandeep Kang
"Whenever I'm in B.C I look up Dr. Badesha. He recently helped me with a rotator cuff injury using prolotherapy. As long as Dr. Badesha is there, I will always be in the game."

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Sandeep Kang, Top ranked Kabaddi Player Pain Injuries

Purdip Sekhon
"I am a true believer of Dr. Badesha's techniques. He has helped me with my injuries and today I have no hesitation recommending him to my family and friends."

Purdip Sekhon Pain Injuries

David D
"I had been diagnosed with clacific tendonosis of my rotator cuff. It was extremely painful and limited my range of motion. I was skeptical about coming to see Dr. Badesha because I had tried a lot of different treatments and nothing had worked. I was thoroughly impressed with his level of expertise and knowledge. I began a series of prolotherapy treatments as administered by Dr. Badesha. I have regained full movement and am pain free. I canít believe that I never saw him sooner."

David D. Pain Injuries

David D
"I was scared to get injected in the beginning, but after my first treatment I was surprised at how gentle Dr. Badesha is with a needle. I came to see him after my fourth shoulder dislocation. It kept dislocating even after surgery. Itís been over 2 years and it feels stronger than ever after only three prolotherapy treatments. Thanks bro!"

Randy N. Prolotherapy White Rock

Lakha Gajipuria
"Dr. Badesha is the unofficial sports doctor for my team. He is always available and willing to see me and my teammates even during his off days. He has helped out several players from other teams as well. That prolotherapy stuff is great but he also does all these other cool injections. Whatever he does it always seems to help and get my team and i back in the game sooner. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone with any type of injury."

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Lakha Gajjipuria Yonge Kabaddi Club Prolotherapy White Rock

Jasvir Singh Canadian Olympic Team
"I hurt my knee and shoulder in preparation for the Beijing Olympic games. Dr. Badesha treated me using prolotherapy and other cool injections and I am now pain free. I can now focus on training without any obstacles. Thanks Dr. B."

Jasvir SinghCanadian Olympic Team Olympic Weightlifter Pain Injuries 2008 Beijing Olympics

"Dr. Badesha has helped me tremendously to improve my athletic performance, endurance and overall quality of life. Seeing Dr. Badesha was one of the best decisions I have made and I highly recommend Dr. Badesha to all my friends and family."

Chad DCanadian Olympic Team Manager for Verico Financial Group Pain Injuries

"I heard about this anti-aging protocol that Dr. Badesha had. I was suffering from depression, low energy and had put on a bunch of weight. Dr. B. tested my hormone levels and determined my testosterone levels to be low. After supplementation with bio-identical testosterone I feel like a new man. Now I am also trying the trans-d tropin and it has only amplified my recovery. I feel great!!!!!!"

Randy S. Pain Injuries Small business owner

Adam Braidwood, CFL Player
"I would highly recommend Dr. Navi Badesha to anyone who wants to improve there performance athletically. Dr. Navi has helped me in obtaining my goals for faster recovery, injury prevention and injury treatment."

Adam BraidwoodVancouver Chronic Pain Edmonton Eskimos and Professional Fighter Athletic Injury CFL

Vancouver BC Prolotherapy
"I was in terrible pain after a car accident. I tried everything with minimal success. Dr. Badesha treated me with prolotherapy and now I am back to work and pain free. I sent my husband to see him because I was soo impressed. Thanks for giving me my life back."

Elizebeth GosseSurrey Pain Clinic Prolotherapy patient Vancouver IV Chelation

Prolotherapy Surrey
"Dr. Badesha had helped my wife with her back pain so I decided to see him about a nagging knee problem. He treated me using prolotherapy and I am pain free even months later. Itís amazing! Thanks Dr. B."

Ken Gooseeback pain surrey Husband of Elizabeth Gosse Chronic Pain

White Rock Chronic Pain
"I had been suffering from chronic pain from an injury for nearly a year. Dr. Badesha treated me using prolotherapy, and after only three treatments I am pain free. I would recommend Dr. Badesha to friends, family and students without hesitation."

Dave FeserVancouver Prolotherapy Owner of Universal Mixed Martial Arts Surrey Vancouver BC

Prolotherapy Knee Pain
"My elbow had been bothering me and painful since my fight with Carlos Newton. Dr. Badesha treated me using Prolotherapy and a physiotherapy routine. My elbow is now pain free. I will continue to use Dr. Badeshaís services and highly recommend him. Thanks."

Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons Elbow Pain Tennis elbow MMA Legend Prolotherapy Pain

Food Alergies
"I had heard about food allergies and wanted to get tested. I have a very busy schedule and couldnít make time to go see him. Dr. Badesha met me where I was training with all his lab equipment and we did the test. I am thankful for his dedication to his patients and would recommend him to any athlete."

Colin DayesElbow Pain Tennis Canadian Olympic team member, Greco Roman wrestling Testing Food Alergies

vancouver Food Alergies
"I have used Dr. Badeshaís IVís to help prepare for competition and find them very helpful. He has also recommended some homeopathics which I intend to use in further fights. I would highly recommend Dr. Badesha."

Denis Kangvancouver IV chelation KI and formerly Pride Testing Food Alergies

vancouver Food Alergies
"Dr. Badesha has helped my overcome a devastating lower back injury. I am now able to compete at a high level without any pain. He also helped me boost my immunity so that I don't miss very many training sessions due to illness. Dr. Badesha has also treated my friends and family with similar success."

Perry Purewal vancouver IV Therapy Amateur Greco-Roman wrestler, 2X Provincial Champion Testing Food Alergies

vancouver Food Alergies
"I heard through the grapevine that Dr. Badesha is good at treating sports injuries. I injured my AC joint playing hockey and was in severe pain. He had helped a friend of mine with a wrist injury so I decided to go see him. He decided that I could benefit from prolotherapy of the joint. After only 2 treatments I was back to playing hockey. My teammates couldnít believe it. I would recommend Dr. Badesha and his staff to all of my friends and family"

Bob Grewalvancouver hockey injuries CGA vancouver Sports Injuries

vancouver Food Alergies
Muay Thai ,kickboxing, MMA, and boxing competitor, Dr. Navi Badesha is an asset for any athlete. I had no clue of my allergies until I took an allergy test. Now my conditioning, my reaction and my composition has all changed thanks to Dr. Navi! To top it off he came to me with all his equipment. I would recommend any serious athlete to go see him!!

Sal Ramvancouver fight injuries MMAfighter, Owner of vancouver Sports Injuries