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Sports medicine is defined as a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases that are related to participation in sports. Naturopathic Sports Medicine blends the principles of Naturopathy with advanced scientific research to enhance athletic performance. In order to improve the health and performance of an athlete, it is very important to understand the negative effects that exercise can have on the body. Below is a partial list:

    Exercise Induced Pathology (EIP) Factors
  1. Free Radicals: (Exercise produces millions of these destructive elements which damage the heart).
  2. Acids: (Disrupt the energy chain and directly damage tissues throughout the body).
  3. Ammonia: (Headaches, blurred vision and cellular damage which preferentially impacts brain function).
  4. Inflammation: (C-reactive protein CRP, a health negative consequence of vigorous exercise).
  5. Thermogenics: (Heat kills athletic performance, releases toxins and starts free radical reactions).
  6. Direct Cellular Damage: (Compression hemolysis damages muscle and blood cells).
  7. Hormonal Disruption: (Catabolic hormones liquefy muscle tissue and stops the anabolic drive).
  8. Chemical Toxicity: (Chemical-induced free radical pathology ).
  9. Exercise We believe that exercise without proper nutrition is unhealthy and counter-productive.
  10. The stress caused by EIP accounts for 80% of the systemic damage to an athleteís body over their career. We attempt to reduce these deleterious effects using various supplements and clinical nutrition recommendations. At the same time, our functional lab testing can test for antioxidant status, hormone levels and other markers that indicate EIP. If these factors arenít dealt with in an effective manner, they will surely hinder sports performance and increase potential injuries and illness.

    We are a Naturopathic Sports Medicine clinic committed towards helping athletes optimize their health and performance. We do this by identifying and eliminating all PHYSICAL, METABOLIC and MENTAL obstacles. We are committed towards helping athletes of all sport!