Vancouver Naturopathic Physician

Getting ready for your first visit

What do I have to bring?

Be sure to bring your completed new patient packet that was either downloaded, mailed or faxed to you upon scheduling your appointment. Bring a list of your current medications and supplements, the form is provided in the new patient packet. You will also want to remember your form of payment for your visit.

Should I bring X-rays and old records?

You don't have to bring your actual x-rays but rather the x-ray report if you feel it would be helpful for the doctor to see. You may also bring MRI and any other imaging reports that pertain to you current condition. Results of recent lab work done in the last six months is also helpful to prevent repetition. Cancer patients should bring reports from your oncologist along with any previous treatment regimes.

Will I be expected to pay on the date of my appointment?

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, personal cheques, Visa and MasterCard

Is my visit covered by MSP?

Provincial subsidies for naturopathic medicine were cut by the liberal government on January 1, 2002. At present there is no MSP coverage available for visits to an ND unless you are on premium assistance. There is limited coverage for premium assistance patients; find out if you have coverage and whether your ND will see premium assistance patients before making an appointment. Most extended health plans (i.e., private plans usually through your employer) do cover visits to NDs. Most plans pay 80% of patient visits but make sure you clarify coverage with your benefits manager.

What is involved in the first visit with Dr. Badesha? How long does it take?

The First Consultation with an Dr. Badesha takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. It includes detailed examinations of the new patientís current symptoms, medical history, medicines and supplements taken, as well as the suggestion of necessary blood work and supplements needed for further treatment With your input, your Dr. Badesha will propose a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals. About Naturopathic Medicine