A. Metabolic Analysis Profile

Assesses urine metabolites to evaluate four critical areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and amino acid-organic acid balance. Test results can be used to address chronic systemic complaints: fatigue and mood disorders to headaches, muscular/joint pain, and digestive problems.

B. Cellular Energy Profile

Evaluates fourteen organic acids that play a pivotal role in the generation of cell energy. Using a urine sample, the test can reveal metabolic distress associated with generalized pain and fatigue, which may arise in response to toxic exposure, nutrient imbalances, digestive dysfunction, and other causes. The profile also analyzes mitochondrial dysfunction and acquired errors of organic acid metals.

C. Comprehensive Detoxification Profile

Analyzes saliva, blood, and after- challenge doses of caffeine, aspirin, and acetaminophen in order to assess the Phase I and Phase II functional capacity of the liver to convert and clear toxic substances from the body. This profile includes markers for oxidative stress and important antioxidants. The standard profile analyzes saliva and urine to assess the Phase I and Phase II functional capacity of the liver to convert and clear toxic substances from the body.

D. Oxidative Stress Analysis (Blood & Urine)

Identifies markers of hydroxyl radical activity, urine lipid peroxides, reduced glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase, following a challenge dose of aspirin and acetaminophen. Offered by itself or included in the Comprehensive Detoxification Profile. Especially useful in cases of chronic fatigue, xenobiotic exposure, and chronic illnesses.

E. Comprehensive Cardiovascular Profile

2.0 Analyzes blood for levels of HDL, LDL, lipid fractionation, total cholesterol, ratios, triglycerides, lipoprotein(a), homocysteine, fibrinogen, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. Includes Relative Risk Indices and Metabolic Syndrome Alerts. Together, these markers provide a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health status.

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