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Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, is committed to providing you with an integrated way of maximizing your athletic performance and achieving your athletic goals. We are a natural medical clinic that Specializes in Prolotherapy, Sports Medicine and a wide variety of other pain management techniques.

Although our focus is on treating pain, we also provide dietary, lab, intravenous and nutritional services to our patients. Our advanced and progressive treatments, lab tests and procedures focus on identifying and eliminating PHYSICAL, METABOLIC and MENTAL obstacles that prevent you from realizing your full potential. bridges the gap between traditional and natural medicine in order to offer you the best and most comprehensive sports medicine available.

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Naturopath Dr. Navi Badesha

Naturopath Dr. Navi Badesha, Surrey BC Vancouver WestSide

Dr Badesha's Message:-

"My name is Dr. Navi Badesha and I have seen incredible results using Prolotherapy in my practice over the last few years. It consistently provides results where other treatments have failed. I have treated hundreds of patients using Prolotherapy with positive outcomes. Iíve treated many professional athletes and have talked with their training staff about Prolotherapy and other Naturopathic treatments and principles. I have seen how a comprehensive diet and nutrient plan can drastically improve performance in athletes. I am an avid athlete myself with interests in mixed martial arts and weight training.

I believe that commitment to oneís health is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness. My responsibility is to help patients realize their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential. By blending the art of natural therapeutics with modern medical science, I seek to "identify and treat" the causes of illness in the least invasive way. This dynamic approach to health care focuses on empowering the individual to move beyond dependence on medication be it pharmaceutical or natural. "

Clinic Location

Surrey BC

Mediworks Health and Weight Loss Center

Dr. Navi Badesha, ND
Unit 251, 8138 128 Street,
Surrey, BC
Canada V3W 1R1

Tel: 604-630-5813

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